Ways to a healthier and greener Europe

Project profile

Programme: Erasmus+ 2019 Strategic Partnership

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action: Strategic partnership for school education

Main objective: Exchanges of Good Practices

Project Total Duration: 1 September 2019 - 31 August 2021 (24 months)

Language of communication: English

Applicant Organisation: Nurmon yläaste, Nurmo, Finland

Project Acronym: WHEGE

National Agency of theApplicant Organisation: Finnish National Agency for Education

Project Title: Ways to a healthier and greener Europe

EC Project number: 2019-1-FI01-KA229-060701

Project Coordinator: Finland: Minna Ingerttilä

Coordinators: Greece: Fotoula Katsoulou, Cyprus: Stella Petraki, Portugal: Fernando Carvalho, Romania: Agurita Serban

Students' age: 13 - 16 years old

Number of ultimate beneficiaries: 8.000 people

Participant institutions:

1. Nurmon yläaste (Nurmo Secondary) - Nurmo, Seinäjoki - Finland

2. Barcelos -Agrupamento De Escolas De Barcelos - Portugal

3. 3rd (Trito) Gymnasio of Tripolis - Tripoli - Greece

4. Gymnasio Panagias Theoskepastis - Paphos - Cyprus

5. Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 2 Diaconu Coresi - Brașov - Romania


  • FINLAND - OCT 2019: C1 Short-term joint staff training event
  • GREECE-DEC 2019: C2 - Short-term exchange of groups of pupils - Healthy life I
  • CYPRUS-APR 2020: C3 - Short-term exchange of groups of pupils - Healthy life II
  • ROMANIA-OCT 2020: C4 Short-term exchange of groups of pupils - Environment I
  • PORTUGAL-MAR 2021: C5 Short-term exchange of groups of pupils-Environment II
  • FINLAND-APR 2021: C6 Short-term exchange of groups of pupils-Entrepreneurship

Anticipated Final Results of the project: Competent, flexible, responsible and confident students,

capable of facing the nutritional, environmental and entrepreneurial challenges in the future.

Promotion of a healthier and greener life attitude among our students and to give

them information, tools and skills that make them have a more positive and realistic

look to the future. Working with this project will develop all stakeholders' cooperation

skills and widen their perspective and give different points of view in different

themes that this project is involved in. The participants will get an opportunity

to practice their language skills. International school projects are a chance to give the

students to get life-long friends in other cultures and a possibility to really experience

another culture.


Health education


International teamwork towards healthier and greener Europe

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